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“纽约时报”的领导者:万能琪![ 纯种阿拉伯马]--著名摄影师:大卫.博格斯摄影[美国]


“纽约时报”的领导者:万能琪![ 纯种阿拉伯马]--著名摄影师:大卫.博格斯摄影[美国]


Like the eagerly awaited return of Brett Favre to the football field, Dara Torres to the swimming pool and Lance Armstrong to the streets of France, the return of Magnum Psyche to the show ring at the 2009 Scottsdale Show was highly anticipated by Arabian enthusiasts around the globe.像足球场,游泳池和兰斯阿姆斯特朗法国街头达拉托雷斯布雷特法夫尔期待已久的的回报,万能琪返回在2009年斯科茨代尔显示显示环周围的阿拉伯爱好者翘首以盼全球。 Although the stallion had never officially retired, he hadn't been in a US show ring since 2004 when he captured his last US Nationals Championship title. ,虽然骘从未正式退役,他并没有在美国显示环自2004年以来,当他夺取了他最后的美国国民锦标赛冠军。 Enthusiastic crowds were on hand to watch as long-time handler David Boggs led the legendary chestnut stallion to Wendell Arena.热情的群众到场观看较长时间的处理程序大卫博格斯LED传奇板栗种马温竞技场。 As the magnificent Magnum Psyche entered the show ring once more, there was no doubt to anyone watching that he still had what it took to be a champion.由于宏伟的万能琪再次进入显示环,无疑给任何人看,他还有什么了成为冠军。

Magnum Psyche (Padrons Psyche x A Fancy Miracle) certainly didn't disappoint that beautiful sunny day, capturing first the Champion Senior Stallion title, then the Scottsdale Supreme Champion title.万能琪(Padrons琪x一个花式奇迹)肯定没有辜负那美丽的阳光灿烂的日子,捕捉第一个冠军的高级种马“的标题,然后斯科茨代尔最高法院的冠军头衔。 He was also the Leading Halter and Performance Sire of Purebred Winners (by number of Winning Get).他还领导沃特和性能父系纯种优胜者胜出获取的数量。 He proved that not only was he still a force in the show ring, but that his progeny had the ability to carry on the tradition.他证明,他不仅仍然在显示环的力量,但他的后代有能力进行传统。

Interestingly though, for the first time at a major show, the old adage, “pretty is as pretty does” proved to be true in the case of Magnum Psyche.有趣的是,在各大秀的第一次,古老的谚语,“漂亮是漂亮”被证明是万能琪的情况下的真实。 At the 2009 Scottsdale Show, his offspring had more major awards in performance hunter and western pleasure than in halter, including wins by Captain Magnum (x HR Bellena), HJ Famoso (x Poetry SMF), JK Magnetic (x JK Angelbasksko), Alerro (x Tuscany Bey) and Truly Magnetic CB (x Dar Nuba).在2009年斯科茨代尔显示,他的后代比露背,更主要的奖项,在性能猎人和西部的愉悦,包括胜万能上尉(X人力资源Bellena),HJ Famoso(X诗,SMF),JK磁(X JK Angelbasksko),Alerro (X托斯卡纳BEY)和真正的磁性CB(X达累斯萨拉姆努巴)。

The Magnum Psyche get in the halter arena were successful as well, with DD Crown Jewel (x Crown Victoria) was Champion Halter Mare JTH, Fantastica HVP (x Taamara HVP) was Reserve Champion Halter Mare JTH and MM Magnum Butterfly (x Flameworthy) was Champion Half-Arabian Halter Stock/Hunter Mare.万能琪在露背舞台上获得成功以及皇冠上的明珠与DD(X维多利亚​​皇冠),冠军沃特Mare的JTH,Fantastica水解植物蛋白(X Taamara HVP)是储备冠军沃特Mare的JTH和MM万能蝴蝶(X Flameworthy)冠军阿拉伯半沃特库存/猎人的母马。

Truly, the legend of Magnum Psyche continues on.诚然,万能琪的传奇继续。 While it seems everyone knows his story, for the sake of any newcomers to the industry or any who might have doubted his influence, let's review.虽然它似乎每个人都知道他的故事,为了行业的新人,或任何有可能怀疑他的影响力,让我们回顾一下。 Magnum Psyche holds the following titles, a feat absolutely unparalleled in the industry:万能琪认为下面的标题,在行业绝对无与伦比的壮举:

  • Leading Sire at Scottsdale 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 (2007 and 2008, halter and performance).斯科茨代尔2001年,2002年,2003年,2004年,2005年,2006年,2007年,2008年和2009年(2007年和2008年,露背和性能)领导的父系。
  • Leading Sire of Halter Champions at the US National Championships in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.沃特于2001年在美国全国锦标赛冠军,2002年,2003年,2004年,2005年,2006年,2007年和2008年的领导父系。
  • Leading Sire of Halter Champions at the Canadian National Championships in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.沃特于2001年在加拿大全国锦标赛冠军,2002年,2003年,2004年,2005年,2006年和2007年领导父系。
  • Leading Sire of Breeders Sweepstakes Champions in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.领导父系育种抽奖冠军,在2001年,2002年,2003年,2004年和2005年。
  • Leading Juvenile Sire 2001, 2002 and 2003, setting an all-time industry record.领导少年父系2001年,2002年和2003年,设置时间的行业纪录。
  • Leading Sire of Champions 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009 at the MAHB Fall Festival, the richest futurity in the country.领导父系冠军2000年,2001年,2002年,2003年,2004年,2005年,2006年,2007年和2009年在大马机场秋季节,在该国最富有的未来性。
  • Leading Sire of Argentine National Show Championships 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006, 2007 and 2008.阿根廷国家展锦标赛2001年,2002年,2003年,2004年,2005年和2006年,2007年和2008年领导父系。

Abroad, the influence of Magnum Psyche continues to be a force in the Arabian horse industry, with the chestnut stallion holding the position of leading sire of Arabian horses exported from America as well as the leading sire of Arabian horses imported to America.在国外,万能琪的影响,继续持有领先的阿拉伯马从美国出口以及进口到美国的阿拉伯马领先父系的父系位置与栗种马,阿拉伯马业的力量。 The fees paid for breedings to Magnum have topped the charts at the nation's richest futurities, the Iowa Gold Star, Minnesota (MAHB) and Arizona Arabian Horse Breeders.万能繁育支付的费用超过了全国最富有的futurities,金星在艾奥瓦州,明尼苏达州(大马机场)和亚利桑那州的阿拉伯马育种的图表。 At this year's Iowa Gold Star Auction, the Magnum Psyche breeding again took the top bid at $26,000.在今年的爱荷华州金星拍卖,万能琪滋生再次顶部出价26,000美元。 He was also awarded the Sire of Significance Award at the show, and met with a standing ovation.他还获得在展会上的意义奖父系,并会见了全场起立鼓掌。

Lists, numbers, championship titles and awards don't tell the entire story of Magnum Psyche.列表,数字,冠军头衔和奖励不告诉万能琪的整个故事。 One also has to examine and then appreciate the relationship between the stallion and David Boggs.我们也有研究,然后欣赏骘和大卫博格斯之间的关系。 “To be entrusted with the care of such a great horse is a tremendous honor,” says long-time handler David Boggs, who still clearly delights in the stallion's presence. “要照顾这样一个伟大的马的委托,是一个巨大的荣誉,说:”长时间的处理程序大卫博格斯,仍然清楚地在种马的存在美食。 “He is not only a bright light shining the way to the future for the Arabian breed, he is also a bright light in the hearts and lives of everyone that has the privilege of coming into contact with him.” “他不仅是一个明亮的光线,闪耀着阿拉伯品种的未来之路,他也是一个耀眼的光芒的心灵和生活的每个人都具有与他接触的特权。”

Indeed, it is not Magnum's titles that are impressive to those unfamiliar with such measurements of greatness; it is his larger-than-life presence, coupled with a kind and gentle spirit.事实上,这是不是万能的冠军,令人印象深刻的那些不熟悉这种测量的伟大,它是比他更大的生命存在,再加上一个善良温柔的精神。 At any Midwest celebration, Magnum is the center of attention, sweetly accepting the fond pats of well-wishers, tenderly nibbling treats from the small hands of adoring children and regally standing himself up from a mere nod from Boggs.任何中西部地区的庆祝活动,Magnum是人们关注的焦点,娇声接受的好心人,从崇拜儿童的小手温柔地嗑对待喜欢拍regally站在自己从单纯从博格斯点头。

How Magnum Psyche rose to the top of the industry and remains there with absolutely no other stallion close to touching his many records, is part hereditary, part mystery, part magic and part teamwork.万能琪如何上升到行业榜首,并保持与抚摸他的许多记录接近绝对没有其他的种马,是遗传性的,神秘的部分,一部分魔术和团队精神的一部分。

Genetically speaking, Magnum Psyche comes from fine stock.从遗传学上讲,万能琪来自优良的股票。 He was born in 1995, sired by Padrons Psyche (Padron x Kilika) and out of A Fancy Miracle (*Sasaki x *Medina Azahara), champion Arabians in their own right.他出生于1995年,由Padrons首创琪(x Kilika Padron)和(*佐佐木X *梅迪纳Azahara)看中了奇迹,冠军阿拉伯人在他们自己的权利。 Entering the show ring the next year, he was named Buckeye Junior Champion Colt, Region 4 Champion Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt, and, in his first of record-setting accomplishments, became the US National Champion Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt, receiving the highest points ever awarded by the judges using the European Judging System.输入show环明年,他被任命为七叶树少年冠军柯尔特地区4冠军育种抽奖一岁马驹,他第一次创纪录的成绩,成为美国全国冠军育种抽奖一岁马驹,接受有史以来最高点获欧洲评审系统使用的法官。

In 1998, he followed up those wins with the US and Canadian National titles as well as the Ohio Buckeye Champion Stallion title. 1998年,他跟随那些与美国和加拿大全国冠军以及俄亥俄七叶树冠军种马称号胜。 In 2000, he made his foray into the international show ring, capturing the Argentine National Champion Stallion title with a unanimous decision. 2000年,他进入他进军国际秀环,一致决定捕获阿根廷全国冠军种马“称号。 He returned, triumphantly, to the show ring in 2004, capturing the US National Champion Senior Stallion title unanimously.扬扬,他回来了,在2004年显示环,捕捉美国全国冠军高级骏马标题一致。 At that same US Nationals, Magnum's progeny captured multiple titles, including that of Reserve National Champion Senior Stallion, making it the first time a father (Magnum) and son (Jaayd) were named to the top two positions.在同美国国民,万能的后代捕获多个头衔,包括储备全国冠军高级骏马,使其成为一个父亲(万能)和儿子(Jaayd)被命名为第一次了前两名的位置。

The mystery and magic that is Magnum is just that…..part mystery, part magic—and thankfully, for the entire Arabian industry, timeless.神秘和魔术是万能的,只是... ...一部分的奥秘,魔术和值得庆幸的是,整个阿拉伯工业的一部分,永恒的。 As his more than 1,250 registered get make their mark in the show ring and are adored by countless Arabian enthusiasts around the world, the legend of Magnum Psyche continues.他超过1,250注册获得使他们在展示环标志,是由世界各地的无数阿拉伯爱好者崇拜,万能琪的传奇仍在继续。