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阿克哈 - 塔克马的历史--名马英姿系列七[土库曼斯坦]


阿克哈 - 塔克马的历史--名马英姿系列七[土库曼斯坦]============== ============== ============== ============== ============== ========================================== ==============  ============

阿克哈 - 塔克马的历史 

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The Akhal-Teke is descended from the Turkmene horse, thought originally to be an ancient Scythian type.阿克哈 - 塔克马是从Turkmene马的后裔,原本以为是一个古老的西徐亚类型。 The Scythians were nomadic people who migrated from Central Asia to southern Russia in the 8th and 7th centuries BC.斯基泰人游牧人在8日和公元前7世纪从中亚到俄罗斯南部移居。 The Scythians were among the earliest people to master the art of riding.斯基泰人是最早的人掌握骑马的艺术。 They were admired for their prowess in war, and in particular for their horsemanship.他们钦佩他们的实力在战争中,特别是在他们的马术。 As early as 700 BC they had huge cavalries.早在公元前700年,他们有巨大的骑兵。 The Scythians founded a rich, powerful empire that survived for several centuries before succumbing to the Sarmatians during the 4th century BC.斯基泰人成立了一个丰富,功能强大的帝国屈服在公元前4世纪的萨尔马提亚之前的几百年存活。

Akhal-Teke horses were originally bred as war and raiding horses.阿克哈 - 塔克马的马最初孕育作为战争和扫荡马。 The breed was named to identify with the Teke tribe from the Akhal oasis, located in the arid plains of Turkmenistan on the Northern slopes of the Kopet-Dag Mountains.该品种被命名为确定从土库曼斯坦Kopet达格山北坡干旱平原位于阿哈尔绿洲,塔克马部落。 The nomadic Teke people, descended from the Scythians, regularly traveled between summer and winter ranges.夏季和冬季的范围内,从斯基泰人的后裔,游牧特克人经常来往。 They frequently conflicted with other tribes, leading the Tekes to invade to take what was necessary and then quickly leave on their swift horses.他们经常与其他部族冲突,领导特克斯侵略采取什么是必要的,然后迅速离开SWIFT马。 Building on the natural qualities of the Turkmene horse, they bred animals of incredible stamina and fiery temperament in order to withstand the long distance raiding journeys. Turkmene马的自然本色,他们饲养动物令人难以置信的耐力和火热的气质,以承受长途突击行程。 The fame of the Akhal-Teke in the ancient world spread very far, and they became highly desired.阿克哈 - 塔克马在古代世界的名声传播很远,和他们成为非常理想。 One Chinese emperor in particular, Emperor Wu Ti of 141 BC, sent an expedition carrying large amounts of gold to exchange for these horses, but his offer was refused.一个中国皇帝,尤其是公元前141年,汉武帝钛派遣一支探险队携带大量的黄金,以换取这些马,但他的提议被拒绝。 Several years later, he sent an expedition of 60,000 soldiers, and was finally presented with 10 elite horses.几年后,他发出了60000名士兵的远征,终于有10匹精英提出。

The Tekes horses' lineage and breeding was kept pure, through an oral tradition of maintaining bloodlines, and also due to their relative isolation.特克斯马的血统和繁殖保持纯洁,通过保持血统的口头传统,也由于其相对隔离。 The pride the Tekes had in their horses became intertwined with their reliance upon them to support their way of life.特克斯在他们的马匹的骄傲成为他们对他们的依赖交织在一起,支持他们的生活方式。 The Teke people revered their prized horses and were highly devoted to them.特克人尊敬他们珍贵的马匹和高度专门给他们。 Horses were valued as the single measure of true wealth thus their horses were brought into the family tents, blanketed against the cold desert nights and winter winds.马价值作为衡量,因此,他们的马匹进入家庭帐篷带来真正的财富,对寒冷的沙漠之夜和冬季风覆盖。 They were given the best foods that could be found, including grains, animal proteins and fat.给了他们最好的食物,包括谷物,动物性蛋白质和脂肪,可以发现,。 The Akhal-Tekes are lively and alert, with a reputation for being "one-rider" horses due to the way in which they were raised, but also they seem to have an intuitive nature to be close to their owners more so than other breeds.阿哈尔,特克斯活泼,警觉,被“搭便车”马由于在他们提出的方式的声誉,而且他们似乎比其他品种更接近它们的主人有一个直观的性质。 The breed is tough and resilient, having adapted to the harshness of Turkmenistan lands, where horses must live without much food or water.该品种是坚韧,适应土库曼斯坦的土地,马匹必须生活没有太多的食物或水的严厉性。

When Russia took over Central Asian areas and prevented customary raiding, the Turkmene focused on racing their prized Akhal-Tekes.当俄罗斯对中亚地区,并防止习惯扫荡,Turkmene集中在赛车珍贵的阿哈尔,特克斯。 One of the darkest periods in the history of the breed came as a result of the Bolshevik revolution and Communism.在该品种的历史上最黑暗的时期之一是布尔什维克革命和共产主义的结果​​。 Thousands of horses were slaughtered.成千上万的马匹被宰杀。 It goes without saying that this campaign tore at the very soul of the Teke people.不用说,这项运动在特克人的灵魂撕毁。 Rather than allow their prized horses to be slaughtered, many Tekes disappeared into the deserts with their horses or turned their horses loose.而不是让他们珍贵的马被宰杀,许多特克斯消失沙漠与他们的马匹,或把他们的马匹松动。

One of the most outstanding exhibitions of equine endurance ever recorded occurred in 1935 with the Akhal-Teke horse.马耐力最优秀的展览之一发生在1935年有记录以来的阿克哈 - 塔克马的马。 The Turkmoman people took a group of Akhal-Teke stallions over 2,500 miles from Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, to Moscow in 84 days to demonstrate to Joseph Stalin their formidable strength and what a rare, valuable breed of horse the Akhal-Teke was; worthy of preservation and devotion to keep pure in the hopes that he would grant his permission for their continued breeding. Turkmoman人参加了一组阿克哈 - 塔克马的种马,土库曼斯坦首都阿什哈巴德超过2500英里,在84天到莫斯科斯大林展示其强大的实力和阿克哈 - 塔克马的是一种罕见的,宝贵的马品种;值得保存和奉献精神,保持希望,他将给予他许可其继续繁殖纯。 The campaign was a success.该活动是成功的。 225 miles of the journey crossed the KaraKum desert, which was covered in 3 days with little water available. 225英里的旅程穿越卡拉库姆沙漠,这是在3天覆盖着少许水可用。 This endurance ride was repeated in 1988.这是在1988年重复耐力骑。 Since that time, the Akhal-Teke has been bred for purity, while still contributing its outstanding qualities to cross-breeding efforts.阿克哈 - 塔克马自那时以来,已繁殖的纯度,同时还有助于其杂交育种工作的优秀品质。 Today, racing Akhal-Tekes and maintenance of the breed itself is a principal source of national and cultural pride.今天,赛车阿哈尔特克斯和维护该品种本身是一个国家和文化自豪感的主要来源。

Today Akhal-Teke horses are bred throughout America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and other parts of the world.今天,阿克哈 - 塔克马的马匹繁殖整个美洲,欧洲,亚洲,澳大利亚和世界其他地区。 Here in the USA they number several hundred and are becoming more numerous.在这里,在美国号码几百个,并正在成为越来越多。 They are competing in Endurance, Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, and Western events, as well as being used as pleasure horses.他们竞相在耐力,跳跃,盛装舞步赛,三项赛,和西方的事件,以及作为快感马。 More and more people are enjoying partnerships with the unique Akhal-Tekes.越来越多的人正在享受与独特的阿哈尔特克斯伙伴关系。