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Beyond Dreams 超越梦想
The Astonishing Reality that IS Magnum 这是万能的惊人现实  

At the heart of humankind's romance with the horse is the image of a glorious Arabian stallion, a creature of indescribable beauty that represents our most deeply cherished freedoms.在人类的浪漫与马的心脏是一个光荣的阿拉伯种马,表示我们最深刻的珍惜自由的一种无法形容的美丽生物的形象。 Magnum Psyche epitomizes this vision.万能琪集中体现了这一设想。 An undeniable gift from God, a paradox in the most elemental sense, Magnum mirrors the love and the liberty, the strength and the gentleness toward which we travel on this road of life.一个不可否认的礼物,从上帝,在最基本的意义上的悖论万能镜的爱和自由的力量和走向,我们在这人生的道路上旅行的温柔。

Every day, a new chapter in the history of the Arabian horse is written.每天,在阿拉伯马的历史新的篇章被写入。 Since time immemorial, this noble creature has indelibly marked the hearts of the humans fortunate enough to know it.自古以来,这个传说中的生物具有不可磨灭的标记有幸知道它的人的心。 Since its origins in the cradle of civilization, the Arabian has enriched the lives of the people to whom it has been entrusted.阿拉伯文明的摇篮,它的起源以来,丰富了向谁已委托的人的生活。 And, throughout the ages, the potent blood of the Arabian has given birth to, or improved, every light horse breed that has served and been loved by horsemen the world over.古往今来,给予有力的阿拉伯血液的诞生,或改善,曾和世界各地的骑兵喜爱的每一个轻骑兵品种。

In twentieth century America we saw tremendous growth, change and improvement in the Arabian.美国在二十世纪中,我们看到了巨大的增长,改变在阿拉伯和改善。 Our love for and admiration of this unique horse grew exponentially with our understanding of the breed's intrinsic value.我们的爱和欣赏这种独特的马品种的内在价值的认识成倍增长。 Throughout this continuing journey we have been blessed by the contributions of a few magnificent stallions, horses like *BASK++, *Padron, *Aladdinn and Bey Shah that virtually changed the face and the direction of the breed.纵观这持续的旅程中,我们已经由几个宏伟的种马的贡献祝福,像马*防晒+,* Padron * Aladdinn和Bey的沙阿,几乎改变了面对和品种的方向。 But never before have we seen transition occur with the speed and in the proportion we're witnessing today as Magnum takes his place in the annals of breed history.但从未在此之前,我们看到过渡的速度发生中的比重,我们今天看到的万能需要他的地方品种历史的史册。

“Magnum is the most beautiful Arabian stallion I've seen since Aramus,” says Bob Battaglia.巴塔利亚,“鲍勃说:”Magnum是最美丽的阿拉伯种马,因为我已经看到Aramus。 “And, as if his beauty weren't enough, Magnum has proven himself an extraordinary sire. “而且,如果他的美是不够的,万能已经证明自己是一个非凡的父系。 Early on, before his sons and daughters were old enough to ride, Magnum showed us—with awesome consistency—that he could sire halter champions.在早期,之前他的儿子和女儿骑足够老,万能我们真棒一致性,表明他父系露背冠军。 Now we're seeing that he can also give us performance champions, horses that have the temperament and mental ability to be trained, horses that are both beautiful and tractable.现在我们看到,他也可以给我们性能冠军,马的气质和精神能力进行培训,既美观又听话的马匹。 I look forward to seeing more and more sons and daughters of this amazing stallion in the show ring, in both halter and performance.”我期待着看到这惊人的种马在展示环越来越多的儿子和女儿,露背和性能。“

Fine accolades from a horseman of Bob Battaglia's distinction.从骑手鲍勃巴塔利亚的区别精细的赞誉。 5 times Horseman of the Year, Bob has earned 1525 career National titles, is a respected breeder and an Arabian horse industry leader of long standing.年的5倍骑士,鲍勃已经获得1525全国冠军生涯,是一位受人尊敬的种鸡和阿拉伯马长期的行业领导者。 (WAYNE is there any way to update this?) (韦恩是有任何的方式来更新?)

So what makes Magnum worthy of all this high praise?那么是什么使得万能值得这一切的高度赞誉呢?

“First of all,” says leading Brazilian breeder, Polé Levy, “it's a rare and wonderful thing to run across a horse of Magnum's stunning beauty and conformational perfection. “首先,”领先的巴西饲养员,极利维说,“这是一种罕见的美妙的事情,碰到Magnum的惊世之美和构象完美的马。 But when such a horse turns out to be a great sire, invariably stamping his offspring with his own finest qualities ~ well ~ that's just not too far short of a miracle.但是,当这样一匹马原来是一个伟大的陛下,他的后代总是用他自己的最好的素质冲压〜嘛〜只是不太远的一个奇迹。

And then, of course, there's his virtually unparalleled record .然后,当然,还有他几乎无与伦比的记录。 . .

Magnum and the Show Ring Magnum和显示环


Magnum made his auspicious entrance into the world on May 2, 1995.万能制成世界1995年5月2日,他的吉祥入口。 From first time he danced into the show ring, he's called that corner of our world his own.从他第一次进入显示环跳舞,他叫自己的角落,我们的世界。

1996 1996年

  • Magnum runs off with the coveted titles of Buckeye Junior Champion Colt万能运行七叶树少年冠军柯尔特的觊觎冠军
  • Region 4 Champion Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt 4区冠军育种抽奖一岁马驹
  • US National Champion Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt with the highest points ever awarded by the judges using the European Judging System.美国全国冠军育种抽奖一岁马驹使用欧洲评审系统的法官颁发过的最高点

1998 1998年

  • At the tender age of just three years, Magnum becomes the youngest horse ever to earn the coveted titles of在短短三年的招标年龄,万能成为有史以来最年轻的马赢得了梦寐以求的冠军
    • United States National Champion Stallion美国全国冠军种马
    • Unanimous Canadian National Champion Stallion一致的加拿大全国冠军种马
    • Ohio Buckeye Champion Stallion俄亥俄七叶树冠军种马

1999 1999年

  • Magnum becomes an international champion when he is named Argentine National Champion Stallion万能成为国际冠军时,他被命名为全国冠军阿根廷骏马


2004 2004年

  • At the 2004 United States National Championships, Magnum makes history and sets phenomenal new standards!在2004年美国全国锦标赛,万能的历史,并设置了惊人的新标准!
    • Magnum returns to triumph, running off with the UNANIMOUS title of 2004 United States National Champion Senior Stallion (6 years & over)万能返回到胜利,运行与2004年美国全国冠军高级骏马一致(6岁及以上)
  • At the 2004 US Nationals in Louisville, The sons and daughters of Magnum achieve these honors:万能的儿子和女儿在2004年美国国民在路易斯维尔,实现这些荣誉:
    • 4 US National Championships 4美国全国锦标赛
    • 4 US National Reserve Championships 4美国全国储备锦标赛
    • 28 U. National Top Ten Championships 28是美国全国十佳锦标赛
  • 6 of the U. National Top Ten Champion Junior Mares are daughters of Magnum美国全国十佳冠军少年母马6是万能的女儿
  • The Magnum Daughter, Maggdalina is named 2004 United States National Champion Junior Mare “万能的女儿,Maggdalina是命名为2004年美国全国冠军少年Mare的
  • The Magnum son, Magnum Chall is named 2004 United States National Champion Junior Stallion (3 to 5 year olds)万能Chall万能的儿子,被命名为2004年美国全国冠军少年骏马(3至5岁)
  • The Magnum son, Jaayd stands beside his sire when he is named 2004 United States National Reserve Champion Senior Stallion万能的儿子,Jaayd站时,他被命名为2004年美国国家储备局冠军高级骏马旁边他的父系
  • The Magnum son, Maximus is named 2004 US National Champion Futurity Stallion万能的儿子,Maximus的被命名为2004年美国全国冠军未来性骏马
  • The Magnum son, Rohara American Idol 2004 US National Breeders Sweepstakes Champion Half-Arabian Colt万能的儿子,Rohara美国偶像2004年美国国家育种抽奖冠军阿拉伯半柯尔特

Magnum –– THE Leading Sire of the New Millennium! 万能-新千年的父系领导

Magnum's first foals were born in 1999.万能的第一马驹出生于1999年。 In 2000, those youngsters began taking the show ring by storm, as had their sire before them. 2000年,这些青少年开始席卷秀环,收到了他们的父系。 Thus far, the Arabian horse show arena of the twenty-first century belongs to Magnum Psyche.到目前为止,阿拉伯马二十一世纪的展示舞台属于万能琪。 With over 400 champion offspring throughout the world—to date—Magnum has obliterated previous siring records by earning the following unparalleled honors:整个世界的日期,万能拥有超过400个冠军的后代已湮没以前siring记录收入以下的无与伦比的荣誉:

  • Leading Halter Sire at Scottsdale 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005领导斯科茨代尔2001年,2002年,2003年,2004年和2005年,沃特父系
  • Leading Sire of Halter Champions at the United States National Championships in 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004沃特于2001年在美国全国锦标赛冠军,2002年,2003年和2004年领导父系
  • Leading Sire at the Canadian National Championships Championships in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004领导陛下于2001年在加拿大全国锦标赛冠军,2002年,2003年和2004年
  • Leading Sire of Breeders Sweepstakes Champions 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2004 (Including Yearling Champions in all 3 categories)领先的育种抽奖父系冠军2001年,2002年,2003年和2004年(包括在所有3个类别,的一岁鸽冠军)
  • Leading Juvenile Sire 2001, 2002, and 2003 (Setting an All Time Industry Record)领先的少年父系2001年,2002年和2003年(设置全部的行业新纪录)
  • Leading Sire of Champions 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 at the MAHB Fall Festival, (The Richest Futurity in the Nation)领导父系冠军2000年,2001年,2002年,2003年和2004年在大马机场秋季节,(在全国最富裕的未来性)
  • Leading Sire of Argentine National Show Champions 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.阿根廷国家展冠军2001年,2002年,2003年,2004年和2005年领导父系。
  • Leading Sire at the 2002 Brazilian Breeders Cup Championship Show在2002年的巴西种鸡杯锦标赛显示领导父系

A few highlights from the 2004 and 2005 seasons:从2004年和2005年赛季的几个亮点:

Scottsdale 2004 Magnum sires (in halter AND performance)斯科茨代尔2004年万能种牛(露背和性能)

  • 16 Scottsdale Champions 16斯科茨代尔冠军
  • 9 Scottsdale Reserve Champions 9斯科茨代尔储备冠军
  • 60 Top Ten winners 60家顶级十大赢家

Scottsdale 2005 Magnum sires 49 different horses that earn (in halter AND performance)斯科茨代尔2005年万能种牛49种不同的马,赚(露背和性能)

  • 5 Scottsdale Grand Champions (Three Unanimous !) 5斯科茨代尔大奖赛冠军(三一致同意 !)
  • 6 Scottsdale Reserve Grand Champions斯科茨代尔储备6大冠军
  • 3 Scottsdale Class Champions 3斯科茨代尔级冠军
  • 4 Scottsdale Class Reserve Champions 4斯科茨代尔级储备冠军
  • Fifty Nine Top Ten Award Winners五十九十佳奖获奖者

Magnum and the Market Magnum和市场

Today, well into the sixth year of the twenty-first century, Magnum and the economy generated by the sale of his offspring represent the nucleus of the Arabian horse industry's financial well being.今天,顺利进入二十一世纪的第六个年头,Magnum和出售他的后代所产生的经济代表阿拉伯马行业的财务福祉的核心。 This stallion's impact on the breed and its commerce is a modern day phenomenon.这种马的品种和其商业的影响,是一种现代现象。

  • Magnum is the undisputed leading sire in both the Arabian horse show arena and the Arabian horse marketplace ~ particularly as that market relates to yearlings. Magnum是阿拉伯马展示舞台和阿拉伯马市场无可争议的领导陛下〜,特别是因为,市场涉及到一岁鸽。
  • Magnum is the leading sire of Arabian horses exported from America. Magnum是从美国出口的阿拉伯马领先父系。
  • Magnum is the leading sire of Arabian horses imported to America. Magnum是进口到美国的阿拉伯马领先父系。
  • Magnum's breedings topped each and every one of the charts at the Nation's richest futurities . Magnum的繁育突破每一个在全国最富有的futurities的图表之一。 . . Minnesota (MAHA), Iowa Gold Star, and Arizona Arabian Horse Breeders.明尼苏达森林狼(MAHA),爱荷华金星和亚利​​桑那州的阿拉伯马匹育种。
  • One Magnum Breeding sold at the 2004 MAHA Stallion Service Auction for $26,000, obliterating all previous records.一个万能的选育在2004年MAHA骏马服务拍卖出售的26,000美元,擦掉所有以前的记录。
  • One breeding sold it the Scottsdale Signature Sale for $30,000一个养殖出售斯科茨代尔签名售30,000元
  • In Scottsdale, during the sale whirlwind of November 2004 to March 2005, several Magnum offspring were purchased by excited new owners through the Midwest Invitational Sale II , which grossed over $5 million dollars.在斯科茨代尔,在2004年11月至2005年3月的销售旋风,激发新业主购买几个万能的后代通过中西部邀请赛销售二 ,票房超过500万美元。

On the pages that follow, we offer a glimpse of Magnum and some of his outstanding sons and daughters. David .在随后的页面中上,我们提供了一个万能和一些自己的优秀儿女大卫窥。 . . is this how we should introduce the rest of the brochure? 这是我们应该如何介绍小册子的休息吗 Or do you want changes. 或者你想改变。

Magnum's owners, Fernando and Joaquin de Santibanes of Haras Mayed, Argentina, as well as David and Terry Anne Boggs and Judi Boggs Anderson invite you to join us at Midwest summer headquarters in Minnesota and at our facility in Scottsdale, Arizona next winter. Magnum的业主,费尔南多和华DE Santibanes Haras Mayed,阿根廷,以及大卫和特里安妮博格斯和朱博格斯安德森邀请您加入我们中西部夏季总部设在明尼苏达州和下一个冬天我们在亚利桑那州斯科茨代尔的设施。 Together we'll enjoy Magnum and his kids, and share our love of the greatest of God's creatures .我们将一起享受Magnum和他的孩子们,并分享我们最伟大的上帝的造物的爱。 . . the beautiful Arabian horse.美丽的阿拉伯马。

Magnum and the Breeding Barn Magnum和育种谷仓  

Judi Boggs Anderson is among the world's finest breeding managers, and rightfully so since she is responsible for the breeding health and success of conception for the world's finest Arabian stallions.朱博格斯安德森是世界上最好的繁殖经理之间,这是理所当然的,因为她是负责养殖健康和受孕的成功为世界上最好的的阿拉伯种马。

Says David Boggs about his sister: “Judi is the heartbeat of Midwest's breeding, mare care and foaling operations.大卫博格斯说他的妹妹:“朱迪是中西部地区的养殖,马奶护理和foaling操作的心跳。 Without her the wheels would fall off this fast moving train.没有她的车轮脱落,这个快速移动的火车。

“Breeding at this level is not an easy operation.他说:“在这个级别的选育,是不是一件容易的操作。 Not only is there the physical labor of mare care and teasing and stallion management and on and on, but there is also a huge amount of record keeping, report filing and all manner of paper work.不仅有马奶护理和戏弄和骘管理和体力劳动,但同时也存在巨额记录保存,报告备案,所有文件的工作方式。 Judi is an expert in every facet of this intense job.朱迪是在这种激烈的工作的每一个方面的专家。 She is totally considerate of every horse and every human––and her dedication does not go unnoticed.她是完全体贴 - 每匹马和每个人,她奉献不被忽视。 Our breeding clients from all over the world trust and rely on Judi.我们的养殖客户遍布世界的信任和依靠朱。 Terry Ann and I love and appreciate her with all our hearts.”特里安,我喜欢和欣赏她与我们的心。“

And what does Judi have to say about the stallion that is in such large part responsible for her ultra busy life?而朱有什么说的种马,在这样大的一部分是负责她的超忙碌的生活?

“Magnum is a breeding manager's dream, come true,” Judi says. “Magnum是一个繁殖经理人的梦想成真,”朱迪说。 “He's a delight to work with and his conception rate is superb. “他是一个快乐的工作和他的受孕率是一流的。

“It's a rare and wonderful honor to work with a stallion of this caliber––and with his sons, who are of the same rare quality. “这是一种罕见的奇妙的荣誉了这种口径的种马 - 与他的儿子,同样罕见的素质。 I deeply value the fact that Fernando and Joaquin de Santibanes, Lucky and Raegan Lurken, and all of the other owners entrust their great stallions to me.我深深的价值,费尔南多和华DE Santibanes,幸运和Raegan Lurken,和所有其他业主委托他们的伟大种马我的事实。

“For me, this isn'ta job. “对于我来说,这不是工作。 It's a way of life, a chance to follow in my Dad's creative foot steps.它的一种生活方式,一个偶然的机会,按照爸爸的创意脚踩。 To be there at conception, then to watch the resulting foal be born, and to follow that horse to the show ring, and on to the time when he or she becomes a breeding horse .要在受孕,然后观看产生的马驹出生,并跟随该驹的显示环,和的时候,他或她成为滋生马。 . . there's just no way to describe the sense of legacy and continuation of life this represents.只是有没有办法来形容这代表着传统和生命的延续感。

“In the case of Magnum, it's awesome to now be handling some of his remarkable sons . “万能的情况下,它现在可以处理他的一些显着的儿子真棒。 . . and to see his daughters being bred.看到他的女儿正在孕育。 We Boggs are very family oriented and this horse, a descendant of our beloved *Padron, is extending our equine family in a most extraordinary way.我们博格斯是面向家庭和这匹马,是我们敬爱* Padron的后代,是在一个最不寻常的的方式扩展我们的马家。

“Another benefit to working with Magnum, as well as his sons, Magnum Chall and Jaayd who both stand at Midwest, is sharing the satisfaction our breeding clients enjoy. “与Magnum合作的另一个好处,以及他的儿子,万能Chall Jaayd谁的立场,无论是在中西部地区分享我们的养殖客户享受满意。 These stallions so consistently sire beauty and excellence that we continually hear wonderful things.这些种马一贯父系的美丽和卓越,我们不断听到美妙的事情。

We breed around 450 mares each year, including those covered at the farm and by shipped semen.我们的品种,每年约450匹母马,包括在农场和运精液所涵盖的。 About 250 of these mares are bred to Magnum.关于250的这匹母马繁殖万能。 That's a lot of babies and a lot of gratification!这是一个婴儿的很多很多满足!

“Oh, and one last thing,” Judi says, “The Magnum get and grand get are wonderful to work with––they're smart, have great attitudes and are kind like Magnum himself. “哦,最后一件事,”朱迪说,“万能获取和盛大获得美妙的工作 - 当当智能,有很大的态度,是一种像万能自己。 I most often get to work with the Magnum, Magnum Chall and Jaayd babies, but from all reports, the Magnum dispositions are as consistently excellent as is the beauty he passes from generation to generation.我最常去工作与万能,万能Chall和Jaayd婴儿的,但所有报告,万能处置一贯优秀的是他通过一代又一代的美丽。

“I just can't say enough good about these horses. “我只是不能说不够好这些马匹。 For me, this line, this life, this opportunity .对于我来说,这条线,这样的生活,这样的机会。 . . well, it just doesn't get any better.”好了,只是没有得到任何好转。“

“I feel the same excitement every time I look at this horse. “我觉得每次我在看这个马相同的兴奋。 I still find it hard to believe that a stallion can be this beautiful, this perfect, almost ethereal.我仍然觉得很难相信,一个种马可这个美丽的,这种完美的的,几乎空灵。 The partnership between us has grown beyond anything I've known before with any horse.我们之间的伙伴关系已经超越了我前马与任何已知的任何。

“While we are all very grateful for his successes today, I know Magnum's journey has only just begun. “虽然我们都为他的成功非常感谢今天,我知道万能的征程才刚刚开始。 There's so much more he wants to accomplish .有这么多,他要完成。 . . so many more blessings to share.如此多的祝福,分享。

“ To Fernando de Santibanes . “费尔南多 - Santibanes。 . . Thank you for all the goodness you bring to him—and to us—and for allowing Magnum to become All that is possible!” —David Boggs感谢你把他和我们的所有的善良,你让万能成为一切可能!“大卫博格斯

Magnum and Fernando de Santibanes are connected to one another on a level that transcends simple understanding. Magnum和费尔南多 - Santibanes连接到另一个水平,超越了简单的理解。 Between them, there is an intangible loyalty, that defies explanation.他们之间,有一种无形的忠诚,蔑视解释。

Magnum recognizes Fernando's voice, even amidst the common hubbub and excitement that inevitably surrounds their visits.万能承认阿隆索的声音,甚至不可避免地围绕着他们的访问常见的喧哗和兴奋之中。 And when Fernando brings him carrots, Magnum clings to the man like a little boy, eager for love and approval.而当费尔南多带来了他的胡萝卜,万能坚持像一个小男孩的男子,渴望爱和批准。 Theirs is, indeed, a union of spirit and a thing of beauty.他们的确是联盟的精神和美丽的事物。