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A Celebration of Ten Glorious Years 庆祝10个光荣岁月
A decade . 十年。 . . a milestone 一个里程碑

On Saturday May 14 th, at Midwest, a group of close friends celebrated a decade in the life of a great horse.上周六5月14日,在中西部地区,一组亲密的朋友庆祝一个伟大的马的生活了十年。 As Magnum turned ten, we paid tribute to the astonishing effect he has already had on the Arabian breed and the people who love it, touching so many lives in a powerful, positive way.由于万能翻十个,我们赞扬阿拉伯品种和爱它的人,他已经有惊人的效果,在一个强大的,积极的方式接触这么多的生命。 This evening honored the friendship, the family and the love that evolves around Magnum, who stands today at the forefront of the most beautiful breed of horse in the world.今晚荣幸的友谊,家庭和爱情万能,周围人今天表示,在世界最美丽的马品种前列的发展。

In ten short years, Magnum has enjoyed such extraordinary success as a show horse and sire that he has achieved a kind of mythical status.在短短10年,万能享有表演马和外祖父,他已经达到了一种神话般的地位,如非凡的成功。 It's almost as though this living legend has been with us forever.它的几乎一样,虽然永远与我们这活着的传奇。

Magnum set and holds the record as Multi-National Champion and International Champion Stallion.万能设置​​,并持有多全国冠军和国际冠军种马的纪录。 As the leading halter sire in the Arabian breed, Magnum has achieved––in the first ten years of his life––what few horses ever attain, immortality through his offspring and their accomplishments.作为领先的露背陛下在阿拉伯品种,万能 - 他生命的前10年 - 几匹马的不断实现,通过他的子孙和他们的成就不朽。

At the celebration hosted by Fernando & Joaquin de Santibanes and David and Terry Anne Boggs, a gathering of friends was treated to an elegantly prepared dinner, complete with live music, horse presentations, dancing, a musical slide show and the much anticipated premier of the Magnum video.在优雅准备的晚餐,现场音乐表演,马演讲,舞蹈,音乐幻灯片播放和期待已久的总理费尔南多和华DE Santibanes大卫和特里安妮博格斯,朋友聚会主办的庆祝治疗万能视频。

The highlight of the evening came when Magnum was brought out to the crowd's boisterous singing of Happy Birthday Magnum .晚上的高潮来到时,万能带出人群的热闹的生日快乐万能唱歌。 The stallion of the hour enjoyed all of the attention.小时骘享有所有的注意力。 He even “sampled” his birthday cake; but quickly decided that the many offered carrots were much more to his taste!他甚至“采样”他的生日蛋糕,但很快便决定,提供了许多胡萝卜,更以他的口味!

Toasts and heartfelt memories were offered by many of Magnum's friends and admirers.祝酒词,并表示衷心的回忆提供了许多万能的朋友和崇拜者。 World renowned breeder Roxann Hart of Rohara Arabians, reminisced and expressed her gratitude about how powerfully this single horse has impacted her life and her breeding program.世界著名的饲养员Roxann哈特Rohara阿拉伯人,叙旧,她表示感谢有力这个单一的马已经影响了她的生活和她的育种计划。

Walter Mishek of the Arabian Horse Times made an emotional toast.沃尔特阿拉伯马时报 Mishek一种情感的祝酒辞。 “The Arabian Horse is family,” he said. “阿拉伯马是家庭,”他说。 “Family is comprised of blood, but sometimes Family is comprised of love. “家庭是由血液,但有时家庭组成的爱。 Tonight it is comprised of Love.”今晚,它是由爱。“

The celebration continued, as guest after guest had their pictures taken with the Birthday Boy .庆祝活动持续,客人后,客人生日男孩与他们的照片。 When Vicki Humphrey's daughter, Jessica Clinton, spontaneously jumped on Magnum and rode him around bareback, the entire crowd was surprised and dazzled!当赵薇汉弗莱的女儿,杰西卡克林顿,自发地跳起来万能骑着他周围鞍,整个人群感到惊讶和令人眼花缭乱!

As the band played late into the night, Magnum quietly retired to his stall.乐队演奏到深夜,万能悄悄退隐到他的摊位。 On this, like other nights, the glorious chestnut stallion contentedly munched on his fragrant alfalfa, stopping occasionally to listen to the sounds of a sleepy horse barn.在这一点上,像其他的夜晚,惬意的光荣板栗种马嚼他的香苜蓿,停止偶尔听一个沉睡的马谷仓的声音。 As he so often does, he nickered softly now and then to a favorite mare stabled close by, then listened for her reassuring response.由于他经常不,他nickered轻声然后现在最喜欢的马奶稳定关闭,然后听了她的令人欣慰的回应。

On the surface Magnum's soft manner and quiet dignity appear to be in stark contrast to the monumental impact he continues to have on the Arabian breed and on hundreds of people involved with these horses.在表面万能的软方式和安静的尊严,似乎形成了鲜明的对比,以巨大的影响,他继续对阿拉伯品种和数百人参与这些马。 But this seeming incongruity is just one more facet in the mystery that is Magnum–– the horse of the new millennium.但这个看似互不合宜仅仅是一个多面的奥秘,是万能的 - 新千年的马。

So it was that on that festive night in May, the gentle spirit of a horse whose greatness has touched so many drew us even closer to one another and reminded us what a gift the horse is from a loving God.所以,每逢节日晚上,在5月,马其伟大的温柔的精神感动这么多的提请我们更接近彼此,并提醒我们马从一位慈爱的神是什么礼物。 It was truly a spiritual evening––a moving affair in honor of a remarkable friend.它是一个真正的精神晚上 - 在纪念一个了不起的朋友的事。

Happy Birthday, Dear Magnum 生日快乐,亲爱的万能