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Leaders of the Times “纽约时报”的领导人
by Colleen Scott 科琳斯科特

Michael Phelps gliding effortlessly through the water.迈克尔菲尔普斯滑翔毫不费力地通过水。 Carly Patterson vaulting gracefully through the air.帕特森跳马优雅地穿过空气。 Justin Gatlin flying to the finish line.加特林飞往终点线。 The 2004 Summer Olympics produced an array of talented athletes that will be forever immortalized on Wheaties boxes, in Olympic flashbacks and on the covers of Sports Illustrated. 2004年夏季奥运会将永远不朽的麦片盒在奥运倒叙和“体育画报”的封面上,有才华的运动员阵列。 They were, each and every one of them, inspiring and unforgettable - not just for their medal performances, but also for the hard work and determination that produced those performances.他们,每个其中之一,鼓舞人心,令人难忘的 - 不仅为他们的金牌表演,同时也为那些表演的努力和决心。

If ever there were an Arabian Olympics, one horse would stand proudly on the middle platform decorated with the gold and an olive branch wreath.如果说真的有一个阿拉伯的奥运会,一个马会骄傲地站在装饰着黄金和橄榄枝花环中间平台。 One horse's accomplishments have made him reining king of the Olympic throne - representing not only the finest in the United States, but perhaps in the world.马的成就,使他充满了渴望奥运王位的国王 - 代表,不仅在美国最好的的,但也许是在世界。

While judging any Olympic event, including our imaginary Arabian Olympics, is a completely subjective matter, clearly there is a forerunner - a breeding stallion that is, quite simply, the best of the best.虽然判断包括我们想象的阿拉伯奥运会,任何奥林匹克盛会,是一个完全主观的问题,显然是一个先行者 - 繁殖种马,其实很简单,最好的最好的。 His name is Magnum Psyche (Padrons Psyche x A Fancy Miracle).他的名字是万能琪(Padrons琪x一个花式奇迹)。

Let's start with the Olympic 'trials.'让我们开始与奥运“的试验。” Born on May 2, 1995, the flawless chestnut stallion made his show ring debut in 1996, when he captured the Buckeye Junior Colt Championship and Region XII Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt Championship, the later with the most points ever awarded by the judges using the European Judging System.生于1995年5月2日,完美无瑕的栗色种马在1996年他的表演圈首演,当他夺取七叶树少年柯尔特锦标赛和区第十二育种抽奖一岁柯尔特冠军,后来与使用欧洲的法官颁发有史以来最点看系统。

In 1998, his mark would be made on the Arabian show ring forever when he claimed the title of National Champion Stallion in both the United States and Canada.在1998年,他的标志,将永远阿拉伯显示环时,他声称在美国和加拿大的全国冠军种马称号。 In 1999, Magnum went global with the Argentine National Champion Stallion title. 1999年,万能了与阿根廷全国冠军种马“称号的全球。

While the international show ring accolades would be enough for this amazing stallion to qualify for the Arabian Olympics, it is his unmatchable record as a sire that would guarantee him a spot on the winner's podium.虽然国际秀环荣誉将这个惊人的种马,阿拉伯奥运会资格不够,这是他无法比拟的记录将保证他当场对获奖者的讲台作为父系。 Magnum's more than 350 champion offspring have given him the ammunition to shatter all previous siring records. Magnum的超过350个冠军的后代给他的弹药,粉碎所有以前的siring记录。 His accomplishments include:他的成就包括:

  • Leading Halter Sire at Scottsdale 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004领导斯科茨代尔2001年,2002年,2003年和2004年沃特父系
  • Leading Sire at the United States Championships in 2001, 2002 and 2003 2001年,2002年和2003年在美国锦标赛中的领先父系
  • Leading Sire at the Canadian National Championships in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004在加拿大全国锦标赛领先的外祖父在2001年,2002年,2003年和2004年
  • Leading Sire of Breeders Sweepstakes Champions 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 (including yearling champions in all three categories)领先育种者抽奖父系冠军2001年,2002年,2003年和2004年(包括在所有三个类别的鸽冠军)
  • Leading Juvenile Sire 2001, 2002 and 2003 (setting an all-time industry record)领先的少年父系2001年,2002年和2003年(设置一个时间的行业新纪录)
  • Leading Sire of champions at the Minnesota Breeders Fall Festival in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003在明尼苏达州种鸡秋季节的冠军,在2000年,2001年,2002年和2003年领导父系
  • Leading Sire of Argentine National Show Champions in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004领先的阿根廷国家展冠军陛下于2001年,2002年,2003年和2004年
  • Leading Sire at the 2002 Brazilian Breeders Cup Championships " Leading import sire of Arabians into the United States领导在2002年巴西育种杯锦标赛进口到美国的阿拉伯人领导父系的父系“
  • Leading export sire of Arabians to other countries领先的阿拉伯人出口父系到其他国家

While Magnum's natural perfection, his presence in the show ring and incomparable siring abilities are enough to raise him to world-class status, the climb hasn't been without a support team.虽然万能的自然完美,他在展示环和无与伦比的siring能力足以提高他的世界级地位,也不是没有一个支持团队攀登。

Owned by a gentle man, Mr. Fernando de Santibanes, and his family of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the stallion stands at Midwest Stallion Station, Elk River, Minn. Long before the world knew of Magnum, his future as a legendary horse was carved in stone when de Santibanes chose David Boggs as the stallion's partner, coach and friend.拥有一个温和的人,费尔南多德先生Santibanes,和他的家人,阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯,种马站前万能,全世界都知道他的未来,作为一个传奇的马被雕刻在中西部地区种马场,麋鹿河,明尼苏达州龙在石德Santibanes选择了大卫博格斯作为种马的合作伙伴,教练和朋友。

Says David, "From the moment I saw him, I knew he might possibly be the most important horse in my entire life of working in the Arabian industry. He isn't just legacy or legend material; he is the best of the best. He is world-class - unforgettable, awe-inspiring and is setting records that may never be broken. And he has the spirit of his grandsire, *Padron."大卫说,“我看见他的那一刻起,我就知道他有可能会在我的整个生命,在阿拉伯工业工作的最重要的马,他不只是传统的或传说材料;他是最好的最好的。他是世界级的 - 令人难忘的,森然和设置,可能永远不会被打破的纪录,他有他的祖父,* Padron精神“。

Not words to be taken lightly when they come from the likes of David, who owns and operates, along with his wife, Terry Anne, one of the most successful and well-known Arabian breeding, marketing, training and sales organizations in the world - Midwest Stallion Station and Training Centre.不掉以轻心,当他们从喜欢大卫,谁拥有并经营以及他的妻子,特里安妮,其中最成功和最知名的阿拉伯育种,也就是说,市场营销,培训和销售机构在世界上 - 中西部地区的种马场和培训中心。 Having worked with countless national champions and top-notch breeding stallions, David knows Olympic legend material when he sees it.大卫曾与无数的全国冠军和一流的繁殖种马,知道奥运会的传说材料,当他看到它。

But, Boggs is quick to point out, Magnum's legend and timelessness isn't just about medals, rose garlands and numbers of progeny.但是,博格斯是迅速指出,万能的传说和永恒是不只是奖牌,上涨了花环和后代号码。 It is about his uncanny ability to reproduce his likeness, time and time again.这是对他不可思议的能力,他的肖像,一次又一次重现。 Some of the Magnum-sired superstars include: *Magnum Chall (Magnum Psyche x Taamara HVP, by Don El Chall), 2003 Scottsdale Junior Champion Colt; Absolut Magnum (Magnum Psyche x Lady Auria, by *Padron), Ames Charisma (Magnum Psyche x Ames Mirage, by Brass), 2003 Unanimous US National Champion Yearling Sweepstakes Colt; Iimagine (Magnum Psyche x RD Kashandra by WA Kash), 2004 Region VII Champion Stallion and Estancia LL (Magnum Psyche x DF Khashmir, by Khemosabi), 2004 Scottsdale Grand Champion Mare.万能所需的超级巨星包括:*万能Chall(万能琪x Taamara水解植物蛋白,由唐EL Chall),2003斯科茨代尔少年冠军柯尔特;绝对的Magnum(马格南琪x夫人宇通,* Padron),艾姆斯魅力(万能琪X艾姆斯幻影,由黄铜,一致同意2003年美国全国冠军一岁抽奖柯尔特); Iimagine(万能琪x路Kashandra西澳卡辛),2004年地区第七冠军种马和埃斯坦西亚LL(万能琪x DF Khashmir,由Khemosabi),2004年斯科茨代尔冠军母马。

Magnum's popularity transcends the United States' borders, with pillars of Arabian horse breeding worldwide recognizing his flawless conformation. Magnum的受欢迎程度超越了美国的边界,与阿拉伯马养殖全世界承认他完美无瑕的构象的支柱。 Breeding programs all across North America, Argentina, Brazil, England, Germany, Spain, Poland, South Africa, Australia and the United Arab Emirates have all called upon Magnum through the satellite breeding stations managed by David Boggs.全北美,阿根廷,巴西,英国,德国,西班牙,波兰,南非,澳大利亚和阿拉伯联合酋长国的育种计划都呼吁大卫博格斯管理的育种站通过卫星万能。 Many national champion mares have been, or will be bred to the legend, including Battaglia Farms' multi-titled Monrovia X and Cedar Ridge's Toi Jabaska.许多国家的冠军母马已经或将孕育出的传说,包括巴塔利亚农场的多题为蒙罗维亚X和雪松岭的布袋Jabaska。

"I believe in my heart that Magnum is the closest stallion I've ever known to be the perfect standard of the Arabian horse. Many people - breeders, trainers and judges, feel the same," says David. “我相信很多人在我的心脏,Magnum是最接近的种马,我知道阿拉伯马是完美的标准 - 育种,培训人员和法官,同样的感觉,说:”大卫。 "And every breeder dreams and is anxious to replicate that in a foal, it is something that will carry on the Magnum tradition and outlive him." “每一个饲养员的梦想和渴望复制,在一个小马驹,它是将携带的万能传统和活得比他的东西。”

As great as Magnum's accomplishments have been, the stallion has only just begun his journey in life, according to David.作为伟大的万能的成就已,种马才刚刚开始他的旅途生活中,根据大卫。 The tremendous support from his owner has allowed Magnum to become "all that is possible."从他的主人的巨大支持,允许万能成为“这是可能的。” In 2003, he competed for the first time in a 25-mile endurance ride, winning the stallion competition, thus preparing the champion for his re-entry into Freedom Hall as a senior stallion in Louisville, Ky. Could it be his time to stand on the Olympic podium once again, joining legendary horses and athletes alike from around the world? 2003年,他第一次在25英里的耐力骑竞争,赢得了种马的竞争,从而准备在路易斯维尔,肯塔基州的高级骘他进入自由厅再入冠军难道他站立的时间奥运领奖台上再次加入传说中的马匹和运动员都来自世界各地的呢? David, Magnum and the de Santibanes Family could not be more excited and ready for the challenge.大卫,Magnum和DE Santibanes家庭无法兴奋,准备好迎接挑战。 In the meantime, his progeny continue to claim title after title, elevating their father to the same heights as those inspiring Olympic athletes like Phelps, Patterson and Gatlin.在此期间,他的后代继续要求标题标题后,提升他们的父亲为那些喜欢菲尔普斯,帕特森和加特林鼓舞人心的奥运健儿在同一高度。 He is, along with our medal-winning athletes, alone in the spotlight, representing the best in the world.他是,伴随着我们的金牌得奖运动员,独自在聚光灯下,代表了世界上最好的。