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整体印象:该阿克哈-特克是一个优雅,充满异国情调的动物散发着优雅,力量和运动天赋。 The comparison in appearance to a cheetah or fine greyhound is not inaccurate.在外观相比,猎豹或罚款灰狗一个不准确。 While degrees of “type” are allowed and even encouraged, all examples of the breed should carry the distinct characteristics that differentiate the Akhal-Teke from other horses.而“型”学位是允许甚至鼓励,这一品种的所有例子,应当携带鲜明的特色区别于其他马匹的阿克哈-特克。 In judging or grading these animals, basic soundness is of primary importance, followed by the presence of “type”.在判断这些动物或分级,基本健全是首要的,以“型”的存在之后。 Severe faults in conformation shall be penalized severely even in the presence of outstanding “type”.在构严重过错的,应当予以处罚严厉,甚至在突出“类型”的存在。 Brilliance in type, conformation and/or movement, even accompanied by minor faults or shortcomings, shall be recognized and rewarded highly.华晨在类型,结构和/或运动,即使是轻微的过失或缺点的陪同下,应得到承认和奖励给予高度评价。

Head & Neck: Head shall be long and narrow, with most of the length being from the eyes to the muzzle. 头颈部:头应是长期的,狭窄,大部分的枪口从长度作为眼睛。 Ears are long, slim and set forward.耳朵很长,苗条,并设置前进。 Overall, the head is dry, with large nostrils and thin lips.总体而言,头是干的,大鼻孔,薄薄的嘴唇。 Eyes often are “hooded” and “oriental” in appearance.眼睛经常是“带帽”和“东方”的外观。 The Akhal-Teke has a refined throatlatch, flexible poll and long, slim neck, set high out of the shoulder.该阿克哈-特克有一个精致throatlatch,灵活的调查和细长的脖子,肩高集出来。
Faults: Severe overshot or undershot jaw, common or coarse head, thick throatlatch, thick neck, low neck set. 缺陷:下颚突出式或严重超越,共同或粗头,厚throatlatch,脖子粗,低颈集。

General Conformation: The Akhal-Teke is meant to be a medium-sized horse, ranging in size from 14.3h to 16h. 整体结构:该阿克哈-特克是要成为一个中等规模的马,大小不等,从14.3h至16小时。 Extremes in either direction are not desirable.在任何一个方向极端方式并不是可取的。 In general, the Akhal-Teke gives the impression of length, without showing weakness or frailty.一般来说,阿克哈-特克给人的印象,没有表现出长度为软弱或脆弱。 The Akhal-Teke should be longer than it is tall, with a rectangular silhouette.该阿克哈-特克应大于它是高,有一个长方形的轮廓。 The back is long, but strong, with a level top-line.背面是漫长的,但力量雄厚,拥有水平顶线。 Withers are prominent and attached to a well set-in shoulder.威瑟斯突出,以及连接到设置在肩。 Shoulders should be nicely sloped and extremely free-moving.肩膀要很好地倾斜和非常自由的移动。 The hip angle is wide and gives the appearance of strength.全髋关节角度,给出了力量的外观。 Tail set is low.尾巴位置低。 When viewed from the front, the chest is narrow, although the heart girth is deep.当从前面看,胸部狭窄,虽然胸围是深的。 The skin of the Akhal-Teke is very thin, with their coat and hair being quite fine.该阿克哈-特克皮肤非常薄,用自己的外套,头发被相当精细。 Often the breed shows a sparse mane & tail, little or no forelock and the absence of feathering on the fetlocks.通常,一个品种显示稀疏的鬃毛和尾,很少或根本没有开口销和羽化的fetlocks缺席。 Any color is acceptable, as is any combination of white markings.任何颜色是可以接受的,因为任何组合的白色斑纹。 The characteristic “metallic gleam” is a desirable feature.特征“金属的光芒”是一个非常理想的。 Overall, the Akhal-Teke should give the impression of lithe athleticism without excessive musculature.总体而言,阿克哈-特克应该给人以轻盈的运动天赋没有过多的肌肉的印象。
Faults: Extreme heaviness or reediness. 缺点:极端沉重或reediness。 Excessively long back, especially when coupled with weak loin connection.过长的背部,腰部尤其是弱连接耦合。 Extreme downhill conformation.极端下坡构。 mono or cryptorchidism.单声道或隐睾。 Thick, coarse or overly muscular appearance.厚,肌肉或过于粗糙的外观。 A square outline, the horse being taller than it is long.一个正方形的轮廓,马正长得比它长。

Legs/Feet: The Akhal-Teke is a true desert horse, and as such, should possess extreme stamina and hardiness. 腿/脚:该阿克哈-特克是一个真正的沙漠马,因此,应具备极端的毅力和坚韧。 The presence of adequately dense bone is one such indicator of these traits.充分致密骨的存在是这些性状等指标。 Akhal-Tekes have short cannon bones and low-set hocks, while the forearm and gaskins are long and smoothly muscled.阿克哈-特克斯有短炮的骨骼和低定飞节,而前臂和加斯金斯是漫长和肌肉平滑。 Legs are dry, with tendons well defined.腿干燥,明确筋。 Joints are large.关节都很大。 Knees should be flat.膝盖应该是平面的。 Pasterns should be long and display an identical angle to the hoof and shoulder.脚腕长,显示相同的角度,蹄和肩膀。 Hooves are small, round and extremely hard.蹄小而圆,非常辛苦。
Faults: Any and all limb formations that could contribute to future unsoundness, including but not limited to: bench knees, calf knees, off-set cannon bones, sickle hocks, wide at the hocks, lack of bone, small joints, pigeon-toed or toed-in stance and dished hooves. 缺陷:任何单位和所有肢体可能有助于未来的不健全,包括但不限于:替补膝盖,小腿膝盖,抵销大炮骨头,镰状肢,飞节在宽,骨缺乏,小关节,内八字或趾在立场和抛出蹄。 Horses shall be penalized according to the severity of the fault.马匹的规定予以处罚根据故障的严重程度。

Temperament: The Akhal-Teke horses are vigorous, excitable, and restless. 气质:在阿克哈-特克马是积极,兴奋,不安。 Thousands of years of selective breeding have left their mark not only on their physical appearance and efficiency, but also on their behavior.多年的选育成千上万留下了印记,不仅他们的外表和效率,而且也对他们​​的行为。 These horses are not only sensible but also very sensitive; they are even able to respond to mental suggestions of humans.这些马不仅是明智的,但也非常敏感,它们甚至能够回应人类精神的建议。 Their intelligence is not comparable to any other breed.他们的智力是无法相比的任何其他品种。 They not only need a sensitive rider, but a human being who can share their feelings when they gallop over vast areas just for the joy of movement.他们不仅需要一个敏感的骑手,而是一个人谁可以分享他们的感受时,他们在广阔的领域驰骋,只是为了运动的快乐。 Due to the way in which they were raised and bred they are essentially one-master horses and bonding with a human owner is in their blood.由于在它们被提出和繁殖,他们基本上是一个主马的主人和一个粘接方式就是在他们的血液。 Some Tekes may be difficult when ridden by strangers.一些芬兰国家技术局时可能难以被陌生人骑。 With them you cannot achieve obedience by shouting or punishment; a glance, a small gesture, or a soft-spoken word are sufficient.有了他们,你不能达到喊叫或处罚服从;一看,一个小手势,或轻声细语的话就足够了。 A punishment not understood by the horse can cause them to be in a defensive mood for weeks.马不理解的惩罚可能会导致他们在一个星期内防守的心情。 They are horses with character, outspoken individuals.他们与性格,直率个人马。 Says Sue Waldock, President of the Akhal-Teke Association of GB: “They respond best to daily love and attention, a bit like a dog.苏沃尔多克说,主席国标阿克哈-特克协会:“他们的反应最好,每天都爱和关心,有点像狗。 If you ignore a dog it will misbehave too.” They are not suited to nervous or irritable humans.如果狗不理会坏事了。“他们是不适合人类紧张或烦躁。 They are not suited to the limitations of modern stables, which kill their spirit.他们不适合现代马厩,其中杀死他们的精神的局限性。 They are horses belonging to wide open spaces.他们是属于马广袤。